29 May 2022 – Northern Counties Dance Teachers Association

Additional Information: NEW DATE Competitions open to members of all professional dance associations affiliated to the BDC. Limited tickets will be sold on the day, but seats cannot be guaranteed. Tickets may be booked through the NCDTA General Secretary on 0798 6424733. Prize money £150 per winning dance and £25 per couple all finalists. Closing date CONTACT [email protected] Details and rules from General Secretary 0798 6424733. Scripts available following the teaching session.


Venue: NEW VENUE Wallsend Memorial Hall, NE28 6RN

Doors open:  8.45 am (Pros/members) 9.15 am (non members)

Competition starts: 10.00 am

Finish time approx:  6 pm

Admission: available to all

Ticket Information:
£5 – NCDTA members £15 each on the production of membership cards

Contact: 0798 6424733 for tickets and to enter dance names. Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope, cheques payable to NCDTA Ltd.  Closing date contact secretary. 

Teaching of new dances: same day

Food Available: light refreshments

Parking: on street parking

2021 Winners

Classical Winner – Saunter Seville

Arranged by Tom Dexter

Modern Winner – Bryony’s Waltz

Arranged by Kris Turner and Megan Croft

Latin Winner – Let’s Rumba

Arranged by Ray Fenton-Storey

2020 Winners

Classical Winner – Hugo Swing

Arranged by Paul and Caroline Dellar

Modern Winner – Schnyder Waltz

Arranged by David Howker and Deborah Catlow

Latin Winner – Aussie Cha Cha

Arranged by Brett McIntyre and Lauren Phillips

2019 Winners

Classical Winner – Yankee Swing

Arranged by Barry Earnshaw and Beverley Murch-Fowkes

Music: King of Dixie Land by Dickie Valentine

Latin Winner – Mambo Americano

Arranged by Barry Earnshaw and Beverley Murch-Fowkes

Music by Not Without Us by DJ Otz available from Itunes

Modern Winner – January Waltz

Arranged by Graham and Avril Watkins

Music by The Ultimate Ballroom Album 10 – When you’re smiling CD2 Track 7 Yearning For You WR2CD5049


2018 Winners

Classical Winner – White Rose Gavotte

Arranged by John and Ann Rainey

Music: Larry Green. Cheek to Cheek. CDTS 193. Track 21 “My One and Only Love”

Latin winner: Charnwood Cha Cha Cha

Arranged by Ellen Harrison and Kelly Sloan

Music: Larry Green. Hats off to Larry. Track 14 – Moves Like Jagger

Modern Winner – Forever Foxtrot

Arranged by Graham and Avril Watkins

Music: Gunter Noris – Requests 5 – WRCD – 5018 Track 11 S’Wonderful

2017 Winners

Classical Winner – Speedwell Saunter

speedwell saunter

Arranged by Ellen Harrison and Kelly Sloan

Music : Richard Keeling , CD Rebel Heart, Track 16 ‘Gee Baby’

Latin Winner – Butterfly Jive

Butterfly Jive

Barry Earnshaw and Beverley Murch-Fowkes

Music: Cliff Richard, CD Just Fabulous Rock & Roll, Track 2 ‘ Butterfly’

Modern Winner – Leo Quickstep

Leo Quickstep

Barry Earnshaw and Beverley Murch-Fowkes

Music: Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart. CD Elegant Dance Vol. 3.


2016 Winners

Classical Winner – Teesdale Tango

Ellen Harrison and Kelly Sloan

Music: No Time Like Old Time – Track 6 – Autumn Leaves

Latin Winner – Rivelin Rumba

Neil and Lesley Marshall

Music: Larry Green – Cheek to Cheek – Track 10 ‘Kingston Town’

Modern Winner – Buckingham Quickstep

Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Music: Larry Green – Have A Nice Day – Track 2 – ‘C’est Magnifique’

2015 Winners

Classical Winner Washington Tango

Neil and Lesley Marshall

Neil and Lesley Washington Tango

Music: Hisao Sudo, Elegant Dance Volume 4: Track 3 ” He’s a Pirate”

Latin Winner – Star Ruby Rumba

Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Stuart and Beverly Star Ruby Rumba

Music: Ronnie Ross – CD Instrumentally Yours CDTS 206 – Track 6 La Playa

Modern Winner – Tango Tyrell

James Hatton and Lauren Phillips

James and Lauren Tango Tyrell

Music: Ultimate Ballroom Collection CD2 Track 15: “The Capricciosa”

2014 Winners

Classical Winner

County Gavotte

Neil and Lesley Marshall


Latin Winner

Sunstone Cha Cha Cha

Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard


Modern Winner

Sapphire Tango

Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard


2013 Winners

Classical Winner:

Tiger Eye Tango


Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Music: Empress Orchestra – Blackpool My Blackpool – The Music Now and Then 1 WRCD 5035 CD1- Track 27 Ecstasy

Latin Winner:

Rumba Serenata

Barry Earnshaw and Beverley Murch-Fowkes

Music: Hugo Strasser Die Tanzlatte 1991 LC0193 Track 5 ~ Insime

Modern Winner:

Syracuse Waltz

David Belshaw and Karen Kelly

Music: Empress Orchestra – By the Ballroom Clock – CD 1010125 – Tracl 6  Waltz of My Heart