2 December 2018 – United Kingdom Alliance

Additional information:  Three usual competitions plus a special party dance competition.


Venue:  Marine Hall, The Esplanade, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 6HF

Doors open:  9.30 am

Competition starts: 10 am

Finish time approx: around 6 pm

Admission: available to all

Ticket Information:
£TBA spectators

£TBA non member competitors
UKA members free on production of current membership cards

Contact: Sue Burroughs on 01934 621 281 for tickets and dance entries. email sbdancecentre@gmail.com.

Teaching of new dances: same day

Food Available: Cafes within the building

Parking: pay by the hour

2017 Winners

Classical Winner – Southfields Saunter. Arranged by Ellen Harrison and Kelly Sloan

Kelly and ellen UKA 2017

Latin Winner – Penderyn Cha Cha Cha arranged by Duncan and Hannah Trever

Duncan and Hannah UKA 2017

Modern Winner – Highclere Foxtrot arranged by Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Stuart and Bev UKA 2017

Party Dance winner – Twenties Christmas Swing arranged by John and Ann Rainey

John and Ann UKA 2017

2016 Winners

Classical Winner – Sandringham Swing arranged by Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Modern Winner – Highgrove Foxtrot arranged by Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Latin Winner – Goldenrain Rumba arranged Ian and Sue Webster

Party Dance winner – Christmas Cracker cha Cha arranged by Ian and Sue Webster 

2015 Winners

Classical Winner

Serenata Blues

david & deborah small

Arranged by David Howker and Deborah Catlow

Modern Winner

Royal Sapphire Foxtrot

stuart and bev small

Arranged by Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Latin Winner

Mango Bossa Nova

ian and sue small

Arranged by Ian and Sue Webster

2014 Winners

Classical Winner

Swinburne Swing

Swinburne Swing

Ellen Harrison and Kelly Sloan

Modern Winner

Phillyrea Foxtrot

Phillyrea Foxtrot

Ian and Sue Webster

Latin Winner

Citrine Cha Cha

Citrine Cha Cha

Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

2013 Winners

Latin Winner:

Chestnut Cha Cha

Ian and Sue Webster

Music: Tony Crane ~ The Ultimate Latin Album 2 – WR2CD-5026 – Track 18 “Chilly Cha Cha”

Classical Winner:

Black Pearl Tango

Barry Earnshaw and Beverley Murch-Fowkes

Music: Elegant Dance Vol 4 – Track 3 ‘”He’s A Pirate”

Modern Winner:

Fleetham Foxtrot

Ian and Leah Hardaker

Music: Elegant Dance 4 ~
Track 5 ~ “Moondance”