17 October 2022- Blackpool Dance Festival

Adult Sequence Dance Festival will once again immediately follow the Children’s Dance Festival on Saturday 16th October.

If you are a Modern Sequence Dancer or Dance Teacher why not come along to Blackpool and enjoy dancing at one of the countries finest venues, the Empress Ballroom

During the 3 day festival, you will see some of the UK’s finest dancers taking part in the British Sequence Dance Championships.

Whether you come for one day, or all three days, you will be guaranteed first-class Sequence Dancing with some of the countries leading MC’s.

Your afternoon MC’s will be: Sunday, TBC 2. pm and Tuesday, TBC 2.15 pm  Afternoon Tea Dance tickets are only £5 each.

Your evening MC’s from 6.30 pm will be:

Sunday– TBC
Tuesday– TBC

The Inventive Dance Competition takes place on Monday and you will have the opportunity to be one of the first to learn the new dances direct from the winners on the same day.



Venue: Empress Ballroom, Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Doors open:  TBA

Competition starts: TBA

Finish time approx: TBA

Times Subject To Change

Admission: available to all

Ticket Information:
£31 Adult Daily Ticket no seat per person £20 per child

£60 Season Ticket no seat (3 days) per person

£5 Tea Dance Afternoon Ticket

Reserved Seating – additional charge applies
All can be purchased from Dance Festival Office prior to the Festival commencing and then from the Winter Gardens Box Office during the Festival.

Contact: Contact the Dance Festival office for ticket application forms, advance group bookings and competition entry forms on 01253 625252 or download them from the website when available.

Teaching of new dances: Will be the same day as the event

Food Available: small café within the building

pay per hour

2021 Winners

Classical Winner – Empire Tango

Arranged by Barry Earnshaw and Beverely Murch-Fowkes

Latin Winner – Mimosa Cha Cha Cha

Arranged by Duncan and Hannah Trever

Modern Winner – Matie-Celene Waltz

Arranged by Eugene Barbare and Lorraine Heron


2019 Winners

Classical Winner – Grand Floridian Gavotte

Arranged by David Smith and Danielle Wallis

Music: Dancebeat 26. Don’t Stop Believin – Track 5 With One Look

Latin Winner – St James Jive

Arranged by Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Music: Richard Keeling. In The Mood CDTS 181 – Track 5 In The Mood

Modern Winner – Edith’s Waltz

Arranged by Adam Bynert and Bethany Rushby

Music: Theme from Forest Gump – Andrea Spadaroi

2018 Winners

Classical Winner: Gondolier Gavotte

Arranged by Andrew Davies and Clare Rushby

Latin Winner: Malvern Mambo

Arranged by Ellen Harrison and Kelly Sloan

Modern Winner: Waldorf Waltz

Arranged by Robert and Louise Aldred

2017 Winners

Classical Winner– Titan Tango

Titan Tango Andrew Davies and Clare Rushby

Arranged by Andrew Davies and Clare Rushby

Latin Winner – Spring Hill Samba

Spring hill samba Ellen Harrison and Kelly Sloan

Arranged by Ellen Harrison and Kelly Sloan

Modern Winner – Milwaukee Waltz

milwaukee waltz Robert and Louise Aldred

Arranged by Robert and Louise Aldred

2016 Winners

Classical Section : Taittinger Tango


Duncan and Hannah Trever

Music: Bryan Smith & His Orchestra. Old Time and Sequence Favourites CDTS016 Track 24 Blue Tango

Latin Section : Meadowfield Mambo


Ellen Harrison and Kelly Sloan

Music: Richard Keeling – Imagine – Track 21 Do You Remember

Modern Section : Wisconsin Waltz


Robert and Louise Aldred

Music: Snow. Empress Orchestra


2015 Winners

Classical Section : Houston Tango

Arranged by Robert and Louise Aldred

Latin Section : Crystal Samba

Arranged by Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Stuart and Bev Crystal Samba

Modern Section : Waltz Amabile

Arranged by Ian and Leah Hardaker

2014 Winners

Classical Sequence

Red Spinel Saunter

Red Spinel Saunter

arranged by Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Latin Sequence

Rumba Missouri

Rumba Missouri

arranged by Robert and Louise Aldred

Modern Sequence

Fantasy Foxtrot

Fantasy Foxtrot

arranged by Andrew Davies and Clare Rushby




2013 Winners:

Classical Sequence

Tango Arizona

Robert and Louise Aldred












Latin Sequence

Gemini Rumba

Lee Dudman and Linda Dudman












Modern Sequence

California Foxtrot

Robert and Louise Aldred