14th November 2021 – Ada Unsworth Memorial Event

Additional information: Closing Date for Modern and Classical Sequence entries 30th October 2021. Latin Sequence is an online event and closing dates is 17th September 2021. 

Venue: Euphoria Dance Studios, 22 Marston Lane, Bedworth, CV12 8DH

Doors open: 2pm approx

Competition starts: TBC

Finish time approx: TBC

Admission: available to all

Ticket Information: £10 each 

Contact: online entry at www.martinbird.net 

Teaching of new dances: during the day

Food Available: tea/coffee and light refreshments available all day. (strictly no food or drink can be brought into the premises)

Parking: free car park

2021 Winners

Classical Winner – Sunnycroft Swing

Arranged by Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Modern Winner – Ladygate Foxtrot

Arranged by Eugene Barber and Lorraine Heron

Latin Winner (online) – Oscar Cha Cha Cha

Arranged by Barry Earnshaw and Beverley Murch-Fowkes

2020 Winners

Classical Section – Spreydon Saunter

Arranged by Colin and Karen Brewer

Modern Section – Bertie’s Foxtrot

Arranged by Eileen Pratt

Latin winner – Scarlet Rumba

Arranged by Philip and Gaynor Evans

2018 Winners

Classical Section  – Swaledale Saunter

arranged by Ellen Harrison and Kelly Sloan

Modern Section – Countdown Quickstep

Arranged by Graham and Avril Watkins

Latin Winner – Christchurch Cha cha Cha

Arranged by Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

2017 Winners

Classical Section – Black Country Blues

graham and avril

Graham and Avril Watkins

Modern Section – Let’s Waltz

Ray and Lissia

Ray Fenton-Storey and Lissia Giles

Latin Section – Rumba Mounda

david geraldine

David and Geraldine Roberts


2016 Winners

Classical Section –  Winter Saunter


Arranged by John and Ann Rainey

Music: Larry Green – Cheek to Cheek – CDTS 193  – Track 14 Cheek to Cheek

Modern Section – Coral Bay Waltz


Arranged by David and Geraldine Roberts

Music Colombia Music Orchestra – Strictly Ballroom Dance CD Number 1 – Track 1 Vivre Pour Vivre

Latin Section – Kaylee Rumba


Arranged by Lissia Giles and Ray Fenton-Storey

Music – The Ultimate Latin Album 5 WR2CD – 5038  – Track 3 Nobody Knows


2015 Winners

Classical Section – Lace Agate Swing

Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Arranged by Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard

Modern Section  – Silver Fir Foxtrot

Ian and Sue Webster

Arranged by Ian and Sue Webster

Latin section – Manhattan Mambo

duncan and hannah trever

Arranged by Duncan and Hannah Trever


2014 Winners

Latin section – Bowness Cha Cha

Bowness Cha Cha (1)

Arranged by Neil and Lesley Marshall

Music: Richard Keeling CDTS 210, Stranger on the Shore, Track 13 ‘Coco’

Classical section – Selby Swing

Selby Swing

Arranged by Ellen Harrison and Kelly Sloan

Music: David Last Profiles Track 1 ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’

Modern Section – Beryl’s Waltz

Beryl's Waltz

arranged by John and Ann Rainey

Music: Richard Keeling CDTS 158. A Perfect Night For Dreaming, Track 9 ‘ A Perfect Night for Dreaming’


2013 Winners:

Latin Section – Rock Crazy Jive

Michael Stevenson and Heather Jackson












Modern Section – Hoabie Quickstep

Lissia Giles and Martin Bird












Classical Section – Tiffany Saunter

Stuart Perry and Beverly Howard