UKA Inventive Dance Competition Winners

**UKA Inventive Dance Competition Makes a Spectacular Return at 122nd Annual Conference**
The UKA inventive dance competition held on the 2nd June 2024 made a triumphant return at the 122nd annual conference event after a couple of years break. Kicking off at 10 am, the event was a blend of competitions, social dancing and learning the new dances, creating a special atmosphere. 
There was a strong turnout of competitors, including many new professionals making their debut. The enthusiasm of the participants was a testament to how much we all love sequence dancing.
In the Modern section, Stephen Coughlan and Jane Coughlan made their debut with Emma’s Waltz. Their performance of a standard figure routine was well-received and is expected to become a popular addition to the weekly dance programme.
The Latin section saw fierce competition among nine entries. Eugene Barber and Lorraine Heron emerged victorious with their arrangement of the Louboutin Red Rumba.
The Classical section was one of the most challenging competitions of the day, featuring a variety of rhythms. Only three couples made the final, with Eugene Barber and Lorraine Heron clinching their second win of the day with the Sunday’s Saunter.
The event concluded with a fun dance competition, featuring a mix of rhythms from Samba to Swing, Argentine Tango, Waltz, and a four-beat routine, similar to a Bachata, named “The Metronome.” Once again, Eugene Barber and Lorraine Heron took top honours with the The Metronome routine. Originally designed to be performed in place, the routine showed potential for becoming a progressive social dance, adding to the variety of fun dance routines we already have available.
The return of the UKA event was a resounding success, and congratulations go to Andrew Pigg and David Smith, who did a fabulous job of organising it. Also, Adam Duffie, as musical director. They announced that the event would return next year at the same location on the 1st June, promising another exciting day for professionals and sequence dancers.
Looking ahead, the next major event is the BATD inventive dance competition in Glasgow, which will feature a combination of social dancing and new dance competitions. Although the inventive dance competition is closed to BATD members, spectators and dancers are encouraged to attend. For more details, please visit our website.
See you all there!
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