Ian and Sue

Ian & Sue Webster

Ian and Sue

Ian and Sue Webster are seasoned dancers with an impressive track record of winning dances. 

Sue commenced her dance journey at the age of 2, focusing on tap and ballet, while Ian embarked on his dance path at 12, delving into Ballroom, Latin, and Old Time styles. 

Their paths crossed when they both received training from the late Bob Dale. Ian earned his qualification in 1959, followed by Sue a few years later, establishing their expertise in Ballroom, Latin, Classical, Freestyle, Rock and Roll.

Beyond their personal achievements, Ian and Sue have also coached formation teams, achieving success as evidenced by their victory with a Junior 4 couple formation team at the Butlins Filey Dance Festival. 

They currently operate a thriving Dance School located in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. The school offers sequence dances, as well as private lessons, tea dances, and beginner’s classes during the day and early evening.

Their journey into inventive dance competitions began in 1992, leading to an impressive tally of over 60 prize-winning dances, including notable creations such as the Sweet Bay Salsa, Bramble Bossa Nova, Mulberry Glide, Candleberry Foxtrot, Damson Blues and The Alpine Stroll. 

Ian and Sue Webster’s remarkable dance careers are a testament to their dedication to sequence dancing.