IDTA Inventive Dance winners results

IDTA Inventive Dance Competition in Blackpool
The IDTA Inventive Dance Competition, was held on Sunday, 6th July 2024, at the iconic Spanish Hall in Blackpool, as part of their 3 day Congress event. Organised by the Sequence Faculty, including Dawn Parker, Dallas Chapman, Carol Hammond, and Tracey Taylor, the event showcased a remarkable array of sequence dance routines across various genres.
With a record number of entries, the competition featured 9 entries in the Classical Sequence, 13 in the Latin, and 12 in the Modern section. Additionally, there were 7 entries in the prestigious Derek Tonks Trophy event, which included a mix of rhythms across all genres.
In the Classical Sequence section, Andrea Wortley and Jack Hoppley took the top spot with their Celtic Two Step, performed to Ed Sheeran’s “Nancy Mulligan.” The Latin Sequence winners were, Mark Webb and Rachel Almond, who impressed with their Cha Cha Montclair. 
The Modern section saw Paula Clark and Andrea Wortley clinching the victory with their renamed Wildflower Waltz. The highly coveted Derek Tonks Trophy was awarded to Youlie Mouzafiarova and David Pullinger for their Argentine Vals, perfectly choreographed to the music “A Mi Madre.” (links through to YouTube for you to listen)
It was encouraging to see new couples entering the competition alongside past winners, showcasing a deep understanding of sequence dancing while introducing fresh ideas. The event also featured intriguing choreography, including a Bachata in the Latin section, sparking interest in whether this rhythm will join the ranks of regular competition styles like the Mambo and Salsa did 15 years ago.
The day was a celebration of talent in sequence dancing, suggesting a bright future for those taking part. Perhaps it is time to consider an alternative rhythm section, incorporating styles such as Smooth and Argentine Tango, to further diversify the competition.
The next event on the calendar is the BDC inventive dance competition on Sunday August 4th, 2024. This event marks the 75th anniversary and promises to be well-attended, with only 20 seats remaining. For seat reservations, please contact Helen at 0795 7423 875.

Adjudicators for the day. 

L-R. Helen Blackburn, Tracey Taylor, Howard Cookson, Lissia Giles and Sarah Bamford.