Modern Sequence Dance Scripts

Dance scripts are issued following each inventive dance competition and can be obtained either direct from the event organisers or by subscribing to a Script Service.


Each script provides a detailed description of the dance and is divided into four bar headings. This acts as a shorthand version of the routine giving you a flavor as to the intricacy of the dance. Every bar is then described in detail, with each step making reference to the direction in which it is being taken, the amount of turn, if any, and the alignment of where you are facing or backing at the end of the movement. Footwork is also stated to help you establish the correct rise and fall.


The main script service provider is Brockbank Lane who offer different services. click here


Occasionally amendments are made to dance script after they have been issued and the arrangers kindly contact us. Here are the latest corrections.

Dance Name: Saunter Moralito

Bar 5, Step 1 – should be in Prom Pos

Bar 11, Step 3 – LF back in CBMP down LOD, partner outside on R side

Bar 14, Step 1 – Lady. LF Fwd, turning L

Bar 14, Step 2 – LH to RH open hold. not RF

Dance Name: Interval Waltz

Bar 5 – Throwaway Oversway. The Lady extends her LF behind her without weight on step 3.

Dance Name: Tees Grange Tango

Bar 9 – Step 2. RF to side along LOD, taking Man’s R to Lady’s L Hand hold at hip height

Dance Name: Perigali Waltz

Bar 14 – step 1 and step 2 – turn R NOT turn L

Dance Name: Champagne Foxtrot

Bar 11, step 3 should read turning R not L

Bar 13, lady dances RF back in fallaway on step 1 and then LF forward – Slip pivot on step 2

Dance Name: Evening Star Saunter

Bar 11, step 2 should read : LF closes to RF, backing against LOD

Dance Name: Caiproska Cha Cha Cha

Bar 3 count 4&1 – release L to L hand hold during chasse

Bar 4 is danced in R to R hand hold throughout

Bar 4 Lady LF forward down LOD, turning L in front of Man, RF to side and slightly back, backing LOD, LF back down LOD ccc lock)

Dance Name – Tyrell Tango

Bar 1, step 3, add – Partner Outside
Bar 4, step 3, should read Man facing diag centre NOT backing diag centre


Dance Name – Star Ruby Rumba

Bar 1, step 1 should read LF forward, toe turned out, diag wall against LOD NOT Wall
Bar 12, step 3 should read, end facing Wall in Fan Position NOT facing LOD


Dance Name – Fantasy Foxtrot

Bar 11 timing should read S Q Q


Dance Name – Blue John Swing

Bar 14 Step 3: should read. RF to side facing DC release hold Man’s RH Lady’s LH to end in open CPP


Dance Name – Rhinestone Rumba

Bar 10 Step 3 should read. LF back L side leading backing DC adopting closed hold and placing Man’s L to Lady’s R hand on Man