Blackpool Dance Festival Inventive Dance Competition winners

Lee Dudman and Kelly Sloan
David Bullen Fabio and Amy D'Angelo
Duncan and Hannah Trever

The Elegance of the Blackpool Sequence Dance Festival 

In a dazzling display of talent and creativity, the Blackpool Sequence Dance Festival’s Inventive Dance Competition took centre stage at the iconic Blackpool Winter Gardens Empress Ballroom last week. On Monday, the 23rd of October, dance professionals and sequence dancers gathered for an unforgettable afternoon of rhythmic elegance. Alan and Amanda Parker did and excellent job leading the sequence dancing between the competition rounds meaning everyone was entertained.  

The inventive dance competition showcased some of the UKs finest sequence professionals, and it was an afternoon of remarkable performances. In the Classical Sequence category, Lee Dudman, partnered by Kelly Sloan, won with the Tajinaste Tango. 

In the Latin section, the audience was treated to a mesmerising performance of the Rumba Italia. This enchanting routine was arranged by David Bullen and demonstrated by Fabio and Amy D’Angelo

Last but certainly not least, the Modern section brought a burst of energy to the dance floor. Duncan and Hannah Trever won with their Cointreau Quickstep.

The Blackpool Sequence Dance Festival’s Inventive Dance Competition proved to be a showcase of talent, dedication, and artistry. This event once again solidified Blackpool’s reputation as a hub for the world’s finest dancers and a place where dance dreams come true.