Sequence Dance Names

2 June 2012 – UKA

Misty Grey Rumba – Misty Grey is the colour for Barrys new car.

Westwood Swing – Westwood is named after Lee Westwood the golfer and golf swing.

Mountain Ash Foxtrot – follows Ian and Sue Websters famous tree theme.

21 March 2010 – NATD

Mojito Mambo – Mojito is a rum based cocktail from Cuba. It’s normally pronounced mohito but the Cubans usually pronounce it morito.

Celtic Quickstep – the name was changed from the Cavalier Quickstep to the Celtic Quickstep.The word Celtic is part of the ‘Celtic Royal Hotel’, where Steven and Helen are holding a dance holiday in July.

Tango Mosaic – the name was changed from the Tango Seville to the Tango Mosaic

21 February 2010 – ISTD

Sedgehill Samba – Sedgehill is the name of the school and road where Kay Fairgrieves teaches in London

7 February 2010 – NCDTA

Ava-Bo Quickstep – pronounced Ay-va-bow. Ava Bo, is the name of Neil and Lesleys new granddaughter.

Pacino Cha Cha – pronounced Pa-chee-no. The dance name is part of the actors name Al Pacino.

1 November 2009 – Ada Unsworth Event

Tucson Tango – pronounced ‘two – sahn’ is the name of a Hyundai car.

Rockefeller Jive – named after the ‘Rockefeller Centre’ in New York where Steven and Helen recently went on holiday.

2 August 2009 – BDC Event

Staten Island Tango – Following Robert and Louise Aldred’s theme of American places

Ruby Jive – Following Stuart Perry and Beverley Howard’s theme of precious stones

3 May 2009 – ADA

Moonstone Gavotte – The dance name was changed from Moonlight Gavotte

Romany Jive – The dance name was changed from Gypsy Jive

Greenwood Waltz – Greenwood is a family surname of Kevin and Valerie

26 April 2009 – Butlins

Aquamarine Waltz – (Latin equivalent of aqua marina, “water of the sea”) Aquamarine is a gemstone

Blue Water Tango – no reason provided.

Rumba Mimosa – continuing Ian and Sue Webster’s plant and shrub theme.

10 and 13 April 2009 – North of Britain

Crystal Cha Cha Cha – name chosen at random.

Silver Anniversary Saunter – name chosen as it was 25 years since Graham and Kathy’s first inventive dance competition at the same Easter Sequence Dance Festival held at the Floral Hall in Southport.

Ellamere Foxtrot – no reason provided

15 March 2009 – NATD

Raithwaite Rumba – ’Raithwaite’ is a small village in North Yorkshire near Whitby, where Kevin and Valerie live.

Turnbull Tango – Whitby play their home games at the 3,200 capacity stadium ‘Turnbull Ground’.

White Diamond Foxtrot – simply named after a precious stone.

15 February 2009 -ISTD

Valentines Gavotte – named as it is Valentines weekend

Tango Disaronno – Italian liqueur flavoured with herbs and fruits soaked in apricot oil. click here to find out more

11 January 2009- NCDTA

Wansbeck Waltz – ’Wansbeck’ is in south-east Northumberland.

Tango Tiesto – pronounced ‘Tee-esto’ it is the name of the number one DJ of 2008.

Mambo Marina – ‘Marina’ follows Kelly and Ellens’ theme of street names in Darlington

2 November 2008 –

Cooper’s Jive – ’Cooper’ is the name of Barry’s fiancee’s pet dog

Quantum Quickstep – the word quantum means the smallest bit of something which can possibly exist and the word is in the title of the new James Bond Film.

Madison Swing – name picked at random