Steven Shaw and Helen Blackburn

Steven Shaw and Helen Blackburn

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Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn participated in Inventive Dance Competitions from 1999 to 2012, achieving victory in a total of 103 dances. Some of their notable dance routines included the Feta Foxtrot, Tayside Tango, Saunter Shiraz, Hamilton Swing, Trafalgar Two Step 2012, Glastonbury Glide, Valentina Cha Cha Cha, and Ventura Waltz.

Prior to entering the realm of inventive dance, Helen Blackburn won both the British Amateur Modern Sequence and the British Professional Classical Sequence Championships. She has received the prestigious Carl Alan Award three times. Additionally, she wrote the ‘Sequence’ segments for ‘Dance Today’ magazine. 

Helen, along with her husband Steven, holds the esteemed title of triple Classique De Danse award recipients. In 2013, they were both honored with the Carl Alan award for their exceptional partnership in Classical Sequence.

Helen takes on the role of representing the Allied Dancing Association Ltd on the British Dance Council Sequence Advisory Committee and currently serves as the Chairman of the Allieds Sequence Faculty. 

Both Steven and Helen are Championship adjudicators, holding Licentiate qualifications in Ballroom and Latin, and Helen is Fellowship qualified in Classical Sequence.

They offer instruction at all levels, catering to beginners as well as champions, and take pleasure in imparting their expertise to fellow professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of Classical Sequence dancing. 

Furthermore, Steven and Helen conduct Dance Classes and Sequence Dances each week in Leeds 15, West Yorkshire and you are more than welcome to join them. 

Throughout the year, Steven and Helen organize Sequence Dance holidays around the U.K. and you can find out more about these holidays by visiting their webpage.

Contact Steven and Helen on 0795 7423 875